Monday, April 03, 2006

Stomach Flu

I got stomach flu last week. I threw up twice on Sunday and the next day I got 102.6 fever. Daddy didn't go to work. They took me to the doctor. Mommy thought I ate too much that caused the vomitting. I did eat a lot those days. For the record, i had about 13 oz of milk within 4 hours. haha... After we got to the clinic, the doctor didn't think the vomitting was caused by overeating. She thought it's the bug. But I agree with mommy. I think I vomitted because I ate too much the other day and plus the bug I got the high fever. They took some blood from me and did white blood cell count and it turned out normal. They also tried to get some of my pee sample, but I peed before they got to me, hehe... they just got a little bit. And it turned out normal too. That day I had more meals but less oz each time. so basicly I felt hungry all day that day, but the good thing was I didn't throw up after we got home. The fever's gone the next day but I got diarehea. Ouch! But I feel much better today, except I've got some little pimples on my face (5 or 6), i guess that's from the fever. I hope they will be gone by this Saturday, because I want to look pretty on my friend Mia's 1st birthday party.

Besides the flu, I'm doing pretty well. I've been lazy on practicing tummy time and rolling over these days. So I still don't know how to roll from back to tummy and only rolled from tummy to back a couple of times several weeks ago. I should start practicing this skill soon. I can grab things pretty well now. My favorit toy is mommy's water bottle. I haven't been out since I got the flu. Mommy said she would take me out when I feel better. I hope we'll have some nice weather this week so I can go out with mommy again.


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