Monday, February 13, 2006

My recent projects

Project 1: Taking bottles.
These days mommy and daddy are trying to let me drink milk from the bottle. I don't like the bottle. So I cried and cried to protest it. But too bad I'm too small to fight my mommy and daddy. I finally gave in and drank 1oz from the bottle today. I hope mommy won't let me to take bottle everytime. :(

Project 2: Sleeping without being swaddled
I find myself not liking to be swaddled more and more each day. I like the freedom. But I haven't learned how to fall asleep without being swaddled. And I know mommy is scared to try it, because none of us will get good sleep for at least a week. But eventually I will have to sleep without it. Mommy, let's start it this weekend. :)

Project 3: Moving into my own room
I've been sharing the room with mommy and daddy for almost 3 months. It's time for me to move into my own room. But there're quite a few things need to be done before I can move in. First, since the garage is underneath my room and it is broken recently, so it has to be fixed first. Hopefully it will be done next week and it will be quiter after they change a new door and new opener. Second, mommy needs to put up new window curtains for my room, so it will be darker in the morning and I can sleep a little longer. Third, daddy will move the guest bed (my room is currently a guest room) to the garage and needs to buy a dresser. Forth, also the toughest, daddy needs to take apart my crib in their room and move it to my new room. And for me, what do I need to do? Mommy said I just need to sit in my bumbo seat quietly. Okay, that's easy! Yayyy, I will be living in my own room by the end of March. I will take pictures so you all can see my new room.


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