Tuesday, December 20, 2005

These days...

Okay, there have been several things going on these day. I was too busy to write. On Saturday, mommy and daddy took me to Ranch 99 supermarket. But it was too cold outside, so mommy and I stayed in the car. I didn't cry and I slept the whole time. On Sunday I watched the Steelers game with mommy and daddy. It's so good that the Steelers won and now they've got a chance to make it to the playoff if they can win the last 2 games (that's what mommy and daddy have been saying). I didn't cry and I slept the whole time. Today, mommy and daddy took me to Costco. This place is huge and very crowded. I saw a lot of toys there but mommy and daddy said I'm too young for these toys. I didn't cry and I slept the whole time. Oh daddy put up a mobile for me on my crib. It plays Mozart, Beethoven and Bach music continuously. I really like this new toy. So this is what I have been doing these days besides eating and sleeping and crying. Hope I'll have something new to report soon! Merry Chirstmas everybody!!!

Friday, December 16, 2005

This is interesting

The one on the top is 3D ultrasound picture they took for me at 28 weeks and the one on the bottom is how I look like right now. Don't you think the 3D ultrasound is pretty accurate? I thought it's pretty interesting to share.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Say "hi" to everyone!

Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself AGAIN! My name is Melody Wu. Chinese name is 吴悠. You can call me Yoyo or 悠悠. I was born on 11/19/2005, weighed 8 lb 8 oz and measured 21 inch long. I'm overall a normal baby except I have bigger hands and bigger feet. Tailin is my pretty mommy and Jiangfeng is my proud daddy. They have been so busy since I was born. I know my mommy and daddy like to get up late :). I am trying my best to sleep as long as possible at night. But my little stomach can only hold that much, so that makes it really hard for me to sleep longer than 4 hours. But I am trying not to cry too much so they won't be too worried. My grandparents are also here. Grandma rocks me to sleep all the time. It feels so good to be rocked to sleep. I love it. Grandpa cooks a lot of yummy food everyday. I wish I could have some too. It has been over 2 weeks since I was born. Last week's doctor appointment I weighed 9 lb 1 oz, measured 21.25 inch long. I'm not looking forward to the next appointment, because that would be the time that I need to get shots. I hope they won't hurt too much. Maybe I will be asleep that time? :)