Monday, October 31, 2005

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone! Next year this time, my mommy and daddy said they would take me out to trick-or-treat. I like all the dress-up stuff, but I don't like dressing up with scary costumes. This year, my friend Mia will either be a flower girl or a pumpkin girl. It seems she doesn't like to be a flower girl. Must be the hat. It looks huge on her and blocks her views. But she looks so cute in that flower hat. I should start thinking about what I want to be for next year's halloween.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Almost there!

Someone predicted that I would be born on Halloween. It will be pretty cool if my birthday's 10/31. That way I can get the coolest outfit for my birthday and Halloween every year. I think mommy's ready for me to come out too. She washed everything, bought me a lot of toys, even cleaned the house. We will have another doctor appointment this afternoon. Let's see what the doctor's gonna say.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Doctor appointment

Today we had a doctor appointment. The doctor said everything looked good and on track. Mommy gained another 3 lbs. I think out of these 3 lbs, I'm responsible for half of that. I am getting stronger and stronger everyday. I know I move a lot sometimes, because it's getting crowded in here. Not very comfortable, but I don't think I'm ready to go out either. I want to stay in here for at least another 2-3 weeks. Sorry mommy! :-(

Friday, October 07, 2005



One more month to go

Let me introduce myself, my name is Yoyo Wu. I will keep my real name as a serect now. I'm still inside of my mommy's belly now. My due date is 11/10/05. But my mommy said I could come out anytime after 37th week which will be in 2 weeks. I'm doing fine so far. Getting a little crowded inside now. I know my mommy and daddy can't wait to meet me. I can't wait to meet them too and tell them how much I love them. This is my first blog. Still don't really know how this works. But my mommy and daddy are all computer experts. So I think I must have inherited some of the computer skills from them. I will eventually figure out how to use this. Oh I'm tired... I need some sleep now...